Sunday, June 7, 2009

My goodies from Farm Chicks!

So, we just got back from Farm Chicks and it was so fun! It was overwhelming, but a good overwhelming. It was just oozing with cuteness and creativity in the whole place! We had a great girls weekend; we saw a movie and had girl talk! My favorite booth was QUEEN OF TARTE, I kept wandering and I would just end up back under her scalloped trimmed booth! I ran into two people I know, our friend Nora and my cousin-in-law’s mom, Kay. We got to see Erika and her baby too, then we ending the two days with the best little mini burgers at the cutest French restaurant in Spokane, Madeline's. It WAS a great adventure and I am already looking forward to next year!!!

So here is a list of my goodies: A really cute 2009 & 2010 calender for my office, a crown dish towel that I have hung on my oven, some vintage labels to scan in and play with and make labels for gifts, AND then the most appropriate charm I have even gotten it says, "she loves Italy"!!! I about screamed when I saw it because I wanted to find just the perfect one and I did!

Thank you to my friends who made this weekend so fun!



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here we go! Tomorrow at NOON, we will set forth on an adventure! I don't know what I am getting into, but I feel like its gonna be a good thing. I am honestly a little hesitant to go, because I am not much of an "antiquer" or a "junker", but what I am is a thinker! I just know that I will be inspired, I just know that I will probably buy some little thing I don't need. BUT most of all I am just excited to be with my Mom and my friends and be in the sunshine of Spokane. I really am excited, I have no expectations and I can't wait to see what treasures we find and what new ideas we come up with!! Bon Voyage.. except we are going by car :)