Sunday, June 7, 2009

My goodies from Farm Chicks!

So, we just got back from Farm Chicks and it was so fun! It was overwhelming, but a good overwhelming. It was just oozing with cuteness and creativity in the whole place! We had a great girls weekend; we saw a movie and had girl talk! My favorite booth was QUEEN OF TARTE, I kept wandering and I would just end up back under her scalloped trimmed booth! I ran into two people I know, our friend Nora and my cousin-in-law’s mom, Kay. We got to see Erika and her baby too, then we ending the two days with the best little mini burgers at the cutest French restaurant in Spokane, Madeline's. It WAS a great adventure and I am already looking forward to next year!!!

So here is a list of my goodies: A really cute 2009 & 2010 calender for my office, a crown dish towel that I have hung on my oven, some vintage labels to scan in and play with and make labels for gifts, AND then the most appropriate charm I have even gotten it says, "she loves Italy"!!! I about screamed when I saw it because I wanted to find just the perfect one and I did!

Thank you to my friends who made this weekend so fun!




  1. I LOVE you sweet girl!! The weekend was so much fun!!! xoxo! Lissa

  2. I'm following the links from the Farm Chicks page to all of the blog posts about the show, and I remember seeing you and your friends in my booth. You girls REALLY loved my original wire & crystal 'Junk Queen' crowns & tiaras - you all put them on and posed for photos, remember? You should send me a copy! (And if you decide you want to buy some of my crowns, we'll have them at the BarnHouse show July 18th)

  3. We loved the show too, but now we have to get to work cuz we have a show of our own this weekend in Puyallup, WA! We will have many of the same vendors as Farm Chicks, including Debi Ward Kennedy, we just know she will have some crowns available at our show too!

    Linda & Dixie
    The Funky Junk Sisters

  4. Hey girl....thank you for you for coming to the fabulous Farm Chicks show and bringing all of that positive energy. Hopefully you can make a girls trip to the Land of Tarte someday. xoxo Cindy

  5. We loved reading about your goodies from the show! Thanks so much for visiting!

  6. Great Post! Girls weekends are always wonderful and especially a Farm Chicks weekend. Thanks for coming to the show..We had a great time too!! Hey.. The Queen of Tarte will be joining us in Spokane for The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market, set for October 2&3,we're wondering what she'll create for us!!! We Love Surprises. Glad & Celia/

  7. Love that black and white fabric! It's almost the same one I used as runners for my wedding tables and the same pattern that inspired my invitations! Great blog. ;)