Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hotel Hanchinamani

Well, finally, here is a little post about my surprise for my hubby! I had this all done for him when he came back from 6 weeks in DC! He LOVED it! I designed the headboard and then bough the side tables, and floor lamp from Pier 1. The awesome vintage 1960s velvet chair is from my Grandma Selma! It needs two new legs, but will do for now! I love the chair so much!
PLEASE keep in mind this is only phase 1 of our master bedroom. Imagine with me, plantation shutteres, crown molding, a chandelier in the center of the ceiling, windowpaned french double doors with sheer fabric, black and white patterened drapes, a mirrored top on top of the black chest of drawers, 2 end stool/bench at the end of the bed, an area rug, some mirrors, some wedding pictures..... see I still have lots to do, but if I can say so myself, this is a good start!!
So, SURPRISE Mr. Hanchinamani! Until the next time you leave town.....

I would like to also note that the cute lamps are from Auntie Margie as part of her wedding present to us, the tree was thanks to Kirsten for selling her staging stuff and the headboard was fabricated by Mara and Frank at


  1. I love your headboard. The colors in your room are so comfy cozy! Can't wait to see what you're going to do next. Shutters sound amazing. We will get there one day too :)

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  3. That headboard is amazing! Your dream room sounds divine!

  4. it looks wonderful Katie! i'm sure he was very happy when he returned. what a tasteful headboard. good job!