Thursday, October 1, 2009

What EVERYONE is talking about!!

Finally, a place in my heart has been filled. Seriously, there has been a rectangle shaped whole in my heart for a while now, where the Domino Magazine used to be. Today, it was filled up again with this: ! It is 195 virtual pages of Design, Fashion, Decor, Beautiful pictures and more!

I would like to thank the blog world for this discovery. At least 5 of the HUNDREDS of blogs I read, posted about this today. It was like a little present for my imagination. I can't wait to read it more in depth! Thank You Bloggers. Thank You Lonny!


  1. katie! I was all excited thinking that this was going to be pictures of your bedroom.... :(

    but! I want to buy this magazine now!

  2. i know i know.. today! i got busy last night!! don't you love that new thing though!!! it is an e-magazine... so I don't think we can buy it yet! but I hope soon they will start printing them!!

  3. yay! i'm so glad you like lonny as much as i do... i'm already excited for the next one!

  4. Katie! Lonny provided me with a good solid hour of procrastination last night...I love it! And your bedroom has inspired me to start actually thinking about making my home what I want it to be. Grazie!